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product line

  • PP ribbon material
  • Peng peng garland
  • The butterfly hand garland
  • Rewinding belt
  • coil
  • Rugby series
  • Coils of flower series
  • Scattering flowers series
  • Combination of flower series
  • The stars spend
  • A series of laser beams
  • Other series

core advantage

Shenzhen shenghaisen science and technology development co., LTD. - gift packaging, the famous professional manufacturer of holiday decoration industry.

The company was founded in 2005, to 2008, has developed into two production factories, the total area of 10000 square meters, the company is located in shenzhen near Hong Kong, air and sea transportation is very convenient.

Our company implements the process of design, development, production, sales, and self-support right of import and export and shenzhen big enterprise of average taxpayer qualification. The company has a group of advanced management talents, and has a professional and enterprising, skilled and experienced production team and more than 80 advanced mechanical equipments.


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