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Company profile
   Shenzhen shenghaisen science and technology development co., LTD. - gift packaging, the famous professional manufacturer of holiday decoration industry. Was founded in 2005, to 2008, has developed into two production factories, the total area of 10000 square meters, the company is located in shenzhen near Hong Kong, air and sea transportation is very convenient.
Our company implements the process of design, development, production, sales, and self-support right of import and export and shenzhen big enterprise of average taxpayer qualification. The company has a group of advanced management talents, and has a professional and enterprising, skilled and experienced production team and more than 80 advanced mechanical equipments.
      The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has obtained the iso9001:2008 certificate issued by the certification center. Our company has a special product development department, which can develop, design and produce all kinds of products for customers. All our products can be tested by SGS. Our products are sold at home and abroad, we have direct business dealings with customers in more than 40 countries, including North America, South America, eastern Europe, Middle East, east Asia and Western Europe. With excellent quality, favorable price, fast delivery, quality service wins the trust and recognition of the customers.
      The characteristics of the company's products
1、PP foam ribbon stock: our own two big PP foam ribbon extruder, from the beginning of PP raw material, directly into a mic thick 95 ~ 200, 500 ~ 1030 mm width strips of various kinds of specifications and colors. Therefore, quality, price and delivery are highly controllable and have a strong competitive advantage.      
2、Ribbon winding: we have our own 8 different specifications of the wire machine, personally operation by senior professionals, product excellent tensile, roll balance beautiful, quality, and best cost performance, much customers.
3、Rewinding ribbons: our company has its own 10 sets of advanced rewinding machine and automatic speed change of dry and wet composite machine, equipment production efficiency is high, the production of products, in terms of quality, price and delivery have an overwhelming advantage in the peer.
4、Equipped with the advanced multi-purpose six-color printing press, the professional engineer with 10 years of experience is hired to turn on the machine and use the green non-toxic paint. Accordingly, the color of the product is plump and gorgeous, the colour is accurate, accord with environmental protection requirement, be the first choice in the profession.
5、Holographic laser ribbons: has the latest high-end holographic laser moulding production line, a number of master and doctor degree in professional senior r&d team with new materials and technology research and development, new materials development and application of lead, the quality of the product reputation is well-established in the peer.
6、Garland in Hong Kong, the butterfly flowers, flowers, the stars football, scattering flowers, has nearly more than 30 many sets of special processing machinery and professional collaboration hand factory and perfect system of production, quality, strong ability in product processing.
 The service tenet of shenghasen technology development co., LTD. Is: customer first, seeking real innovation, keeping pace with The Times and continuing development. Welcome to our letter, we are looking forward to creating a bright future with you.
   For more details, please visit  http://shs-ribbon.en.made-in-china.com/
     Company goals
 We will make the famous brand of st heissen in all aspects, and set up a famous brand in the Chinese gift packaging industry.
        The purpose of the company is to paraphrase
  Advocating and building a good life for mankind
        Corporate spirit
        The company culture  paraphrase
  Vital qiambitionelan
       Business philosophy  paraphrase
  Big marketBig baseThe big brands
        Management concept  paraphrase
  With the person thisfairA responsible
        Talent concept  paraphrase
  responsibilitycompetentGood astrust
        Distribution concept  paraphrase
  Acknowledge labor differencesEmphasize class differencesOutstanding human capital
        The quality concept  paraphrase
  Participation ofCreate high-quality productsenterprisingAchieve zero defect goals
        Cost concept  paraphrase
  Efficient fineScientific managing
        Service concept  paraphrase
  Keep improvingService endless